La Mandria park


The La Mandria Regional Park is located among the Stura di Lanzo river, the urbanized north-west area of Turin and the town of Venaria Reale. It was established in 1978 by the Piemont Region.

The REGIONAL LAW number 54 /'78 divides the territory into two big areas, the one called preparco (litterally “before the park”) of 3,446 hectares - with the purpose of gradual transition between the regime of use and facilities protection and surrounding areas, and the one called facilities: this one is the real core of the park of 3,124 hectares - with the intent to protect the natural and cultural heritage where leisure facilities are placed. 
Thanks to the big boundary wall (about 35 km) which was built in the middle of the 19th century by Vittorio Emanuele II, La Mandria Park is today the European biggest park with a perimeter fence.


This wall had the function to protect the royal palace (the Royal Apartments of the Village Castle) to let the King live there with his second family when he started with his second wife (Rosa Vercellana). The wall was useful to keep safe one of the rarest parts of the forest that once covered the entire Po Valley.

La Mandria Park is a Site of Comunitary Importance (SCI) established by the Piedmont Region to implement the Nature 2000 project, which is the main comunitary action to preserve nature. It is based on a new environmental policy of common intents and strategies already present in some areas (parks and nature reserves) or identified ex novo.

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