The Venaria Reale


Venaria Reale Palace is one of the main Savoy residences in Piedmont. Probably the largest in size, it is comparable in its structure with the French Palace of Versailles which was built to resemble the project of the Piedmont Savoy Palace.

The Palace of Venaria was designed and built in a few years (1658 - 1679) on the basis of the project of Amedeo di Castellamonte. It was the Duke Charles Emmanuel II who commissioned it. He wanted it to be the basis for hunting on the hilly Turin heath.

The same name of the Palace in Latin, Venatio Direction, derives from art hunting. 
The buildings that make up the complex - very big if you consider the extension (80,000 square metres of floor plan) - include the park and the historic village of Venaria They are constructed to form a kind of collar that recalls directly the Santissima Annunziata, a symbol of the Savoy House.

Many houses and buildings of workers and ordinary citizens who wanted to live around the Palace soon were added to the village, to make Venaria Reale an independent town in the province of Turin. 
The choice of the site was favoured by the proximity of such extensive forests of GRAN PAESE (Great Country), rich in wildlife: a territory that stretches for hundreds of kilometres to the alpine mountains, reaching to the south and east of Turin.

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