In the rooms, in the pleasant rustic setting and in the open spaces surrounding the farmhouse it is possible to live an experience of wellbeing that is not linked to a particular moment or a specific activity, but that comes through and permeates the same style of life of the farmhouse.

The relaxation is meant to be as a pleasure to live completely and intensely every moment, even the simplest one, in order to find a dimension as close as possible to the rhythms and the individual characteristics of everybody. The SFORZATA farmhouse consists on eight independent units, 4 two-roomed flats on the ground floor and 4 one-room flats on the first floor. All the flats are provided with a splendid view of the Alps (from Monte Rosa to Monviso) and of the Turin hills (from Superga to Maddalena).

Inside the two-roomed flats you will find a large living room with a kitchen area and a bedroom, while the one-roomed flats on the first floor are all characterized by the wooden roof with visible trusses and large windows. 
All the units are equipped with a double bed, with a comfortable sofa bed to accommodate always up to four people. They are all air conditioned. The kitchens are equipped with stove, microwave, dishwasher and TV.

The pieces of furniture have been carefully arranged in order to obtain a valid connection between tradition and modernity and all the rooms of new construction, once again, look for the balance among naturalness, modernity, simplicity and comfort.

The SFORZATA farmhouse philosophy reflects on the way to conceive its spaces. It makes the guests live in complete privacy and autonomy during their stay, and they can also get to the rest of the structure and common areas. All the rooms have a splendid view over the park, which can be directly reached by the guests through the rooms located on the ground floor.

In the farmhouse areas, the "inside" and the "outside" are a total harmony, and create a delicate balance where people are always in the middle.

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